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For the very best in professional wall sawing, get in contact with JM Core Drilling today

Wall Sawing

Wall Sawing

JM Core Drilling provides clients with professional wall sawing services.
Our wall sawing service is available to clients all over Limerick, Cork and South Tipperary.
Wall sawing is used to cut deep vertical and horizontal lines into walls. Primarily, wall sawing is used to cut doors and windows into walls. However, wall sawing can also be used during home renovations when the entire wall needs to be removed. The wall is cut into small manageable chunks. As such, wall sawing completely elements the need for hammers or explosives and acts as an extremity safe, tidy and effective way to remove an unwanted wall.
The expertise of our team means that wall demolition can be carried out quickly and effectively.

For more information on our range of professional services, get in contact with JM Core Drilling today.

Our Wall Sawing Procedures

To safely and professionally remove a wall, we make use of a state of the art diamond mounted blades. These extremely sharp saws quickly cut into concrete creating smooth and extremely accurate cut lines.
Our wall removal procedures involve the propping up of a wall with pins during the removal procedure to ensure the integrity of the building is maintained throughout the project.
Our wall cutting service prioritises safety and efficiency above all else.

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